Ray The Plumber

 This is one of those pages on everyone's website where every company tells you how great they are and that they've been in business forever and blah, blah, blah!...


Want to know more about us?...Visit my testimonial page! 

You won't find praising paragraphs followed by mysterious initials of imaginary customers ... I've got the real thing baby! REAL names of REAL customers!


Want to know more about us?...I say actions speak louder than web words!

Call us up! We will give you FAST SAME DAY SERVICE!  It's after regular hours though you say?... SO WHAT! Call us up! My girls are here in the office until 7:00 pm everyday ready to help! After 7:00 pm, we have a live representative (our answering service people), who will take all your information and then contact me directly. You are going to receive an immediate return call!...PROMISE!


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